Setup 2FA (TOTP)

How to setup RDP 2FA with RDPHelper and Google Authenticator.

Go to the Settings page of RDPHelper by clicking on the Settings tab on the left side.

Thereafter, click the Start Setup button in the middle of the screen.

You will be shown a QR code, scan this QR code with your device.

We will be using Google Authenticator for this guide.

Once you've scanned the QR code to your device, click on the Next button. RDPHelper will then ask you to verify using the code from your 2FA TOTP app.

Once you click Verify, RDPHelper will show you a backup code. Please note down this backup code somewhere safe in case you lose access to the TOTP codes.

We would recommend disabling 2FA for whitelisted IP addresses, so you don't have to input a code each time you login from your home IP.

Now when you try to connect to your server with a non-whitelisted IP, you will be greeted with a 2FA screen asking you to authenticate yourself.

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