How to enable brute force prevention

How do I prevent brute force on my Windows RDP server? This is a guide on how to enable RDP brute force protection on your server.

Do this on your server, not on your home computer.

Video Guide / How-To Video

Downloading the Software

Download the latest version of the ZestyTool here. After you have downloaded the installer, install the program and run it.

Installing Brute Force Defense (EZWinBan)

Go to the RDP Security Tab and install the Brute Force Defense system.

Whitelisting Your IP

After this, whitelist your home IP on the server. You may find your IP by using this website: We do not recommend that you whitelist public/coffee shop IP addresses.

If you have gotten banned from your server because you failed to whitelist your IP, please open a ticket in our discord server and we will help you get back in.

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