Connect to server (Royal TS)

How to remote into a server using Royal TS.

Video Guide / How-To Video

Getting & Downloading the App

If you haven't purchased Royal TS, you can sign-up for a trial: You may also use up to 10 machines free without a trial/license. Download Royal TS:

Adding a Group

Go to the top left corner and click File and then Add, you will then be prompted with the image below. The display name can be anything you want. After this is done, click OK.

Adding your RDP Server

Once the new document is created, right click on the name of the document and click Add, you can also hover over Add and click Remote Desktop.

You will now be prompted with the Remote Desktop Connection Settings for Royal TS. The display name can be anything. Computer Name will be your server IP. IP used as an example: The default port will be 3389, if you have changed your RDP port, enter that port in place of 3389. Don't click OK just yet, you'll need to enter your credentials next.

After you have configured the server IP and port, go ahead and click on Credentials. Here you will need to click on Specify username and password. Enter in your username and password that's provided via the ZestyStore Panel and then click OK. Our default username is Administrator.

After you've saved the configuration, you can now double click on your server, and it will connect!

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