Welcome to ZestyServers, a trusted provider since 2019. Premium, affordable, supercharged servers for your needs.

Why Zesty?

Excellent question. Whilst every company might advertise similar features, we pride ourselves on the quality of life of our clients and hardware, and here’s how we do it.

We know our stuff.

All of our hardware is racked, cabled and maintained by professionals with 15+ years in the networking or infrastructure industry.

Many only know the basics of hosting and how to setup hardware, but here at Zesty, we took a deep dive into Hyper-V, Microsoft’s own virtualization product. This allows us to dig deep and squeeze every ounce of performance from each machine we rack.

We invest into our product.

From our networking setup to the user who is connecting to the server, or even the site/IP the server is connecting to, we have thought of every step and scenario that could possibly happen. This gives everyone the advantage of being worry-free. Zesty offers the lowest latency network possible with optimized routes and subsea cables for international users.

Hardware wise, we’ve been using Intel Xeon, AMD EPYC and AMD Ryzen processors to allow our clients the best performance possible. Paired with Samsung NVMe’s and Arista+Juniper switches and routers, the setup is unbeatable and truly premium.

We value our user experience.

By developing our website, dashboard, and tools in-house, we are able to tailor these services to our customers, providing them with a straightforward, easy-to-use panel to manage their subscriptions, servers, proxies in one place.

A big advantage of having a bespoke dashboard and tool is that we can streamline and add beneficial features at any given time. Throughout the past year, we’ve introduced and improved our Zesty Tool, where you can now change their RDP port, install Brute Force Defense and whitelist ips, all within a simple click.

Sounds good?

All of these above are just a fraction of what we do daily, to constantly evolve and remain as one of the best providers in this space. We’ll be revealing Zesty 3.0 soon, where we take things to the next level, with the introduction of new products, and a brand new dashboard consisting of the most requested features from our customers throughout the past 3 years. If you have any queries about what we offer, please visit https://zestystore.com and get in touch with our friendly team on Discord: https://discord.gg/zesty.

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