RDP Security, why?

Here, we will explain in detail why users should change their RDP port and add 2FA to their servers.

What is RDP and is it secure?

RDP or remote desktop protocol was developed by the Microsoft corporation. RDP itself allows you to connect to a machine remotely via the public internet but by doing this you expose yourself to the public internet via port 3389, this is a security concern. Read more about this here.

Does Zesty offer tools to help me?

We offer two different tools, RDPHelper and ZestyTool.

RDPHelper is a paid service that Zesty offers to clients completely free of charge as we pay for licensing for all clients.

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We also offer the ZestyTool which allows you to change your RDP port and install EZWinBan (Brute Force Defense). Changing your RDP port helps throw off attackers as the default port is 3389. EZWinBan will ban any IPs from the server that fail to connect more than 2 times.

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Keep your server updated.

Keeping your server updated will help against RDP attacks due to the fact that there will be flaws in the RDP protocol that are updated and patched via Microsoft. Although this is rare, we highly recommend keeping your server updated or to check for updates once a week.

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What is Zesty doing to help prevent brute force?

Here at Zesty we use the honeypot method; we have setup our network to allow attackers to brute force specific machines that we have setup publicly. After those machines get attacked, we automatically sift through Windows logs and ban those attacking IPs from our network. This is something that is run 24/7/365.

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