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How do I change my RDP port? This is a guide on how to change the remote desktop port in your windows server using the ZestyTool.

Why should I change the RDP port on my server? The default RDP port of all Windows Servers is 3389, bad people know of this number so they will try to brute force the login information of the machine. Sometimes setting a strong password just isn't enough. Changing the RDP port and banning IPs that try to brute force using our tool help a great amount. Read more about this here.

Do this on your server, not on your home computer.

Video Guide / How-To Video

Downloading the Software

Download the latest version of the ZestyTool here. After you have downloaded the installer, install the program and run it.

Changing Your Port

Run ZestyTool as Administrator.

Once you've opened ZestyTool (right click and Run as administrator), go to the RDP Security tab and click Change.


AGAIN. IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ THIS PART Do NOT restart the server until you have saved the port number that the port has changed to onto your local machine or your notes.

You may safely reboot your server after you have taken note of the port and IP combo.


After you have changed the port and rebooted/server the server, you will then need to connect using IP:PORT thereafter. Example:

If you have failed to save/remember your new port, please open a ticket in our discord server and we will help you recover the port.

We highly encourage users to enable brute force prevention on their server to ban any IPs attacking the server itself. Guide is listed below.

pageHow to enable brute force prevention

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