Connect to server (Android)

How to connect to your server via the RD Client app using an Android device.

Downloading the App

Go to the Play Store and install Remote Desktop 8, also known as the RD Client app.

Adding Your Remote Desktop Server

Open the app called "RD Client" or "Microsoft Remote Desktop" via your home screen.

Tap on the + sign in the top right corner and tap on Desktop. After this, you will see another popup, tap on the Add Manually button.

Find the IP of your server via the ZestyServers Panel and enter it into the "PC Name" section and then click save. If you have changed your server port, please ensure to include it. Formats you might generally see: - - - If you changed your server port, please include it at the end of the IP with a colon in format. IP used as an example:

To add a user account, tap on Username and then tap on Add user account.

Type in the username and password from your Zesty dashboard. The default username should be Administrator.

Connect to the Server

You may tap on save and then save again. Then you can connect to the server by clicking on the box with your server IP.

You're now connected to your server!

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