Things to check on before drops

Restart/reboot the server before any drop to ensure nothing goes wrong, after saving your tasks and proxies of course. Leaving a server on day and night, you will start to feel some lag, just restart the machine and it should be good to go within 20-30 seconds. Before ANYTHING, please read the guide to your bots. Make sure all prerequisites are installed.

A. Make sure Windows is updated, run the updates a day before and make sure the server reboots.

B. Make sure all bot prerequisites are installed and up to date, check their discord server for any new additions. I.E. if the bot requires Microsoft Redistributable 2010 x86, then install the 2010 version, not 2012.

C. Make sure the bot itself is updated, updates can be pushed out even 30 minutes before a drop so keep your eyes peeled.

D. Don't test proxies too much, they will get blacklisted before a drop if tested too many times.

E. Try NOT to run Discord on the server as it can eat up to 4GB of RAM and up to 30% CPU. Discord uses chrome as it is built in electron and WILL run your server hardware up. Run discord on your phone or local PC.

F. Make sure the right version of Java and/or NodeJS is installed for your bot, most bots require you to install the 64-bit version. Java: Java for Balko: Download Here NodeJS: Windows 2010 Redist x86 (Not pre-installed on server):

G. Please ensure that chrome doesn't have too many extensions loaded to run up CPU & RAM. We highly recommend you use a burner gmail account for sneaker extensions.

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